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Wacom has graded sensitivity, generally more levels of pressure too. You’re the one who holds it all together. We know the truth. The D-Note is so light and comes with a sleek carrying case , that you’ll want to take it home with you every night for jotting down lists of chores, grocery lists, etc. Amidst a growing number of note taking devices that came to market in recent years, LaPazz D-Note stands out in simplicity, manageability, and industrial design.

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A Just A Sec Exclusive! Here’s a fun and useful tool you just might be able to get your boss to pay for — and you’ll get all kinds of personal use from it, too. Notes can be e-mailed to anyone in a simple step.

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The D-Note DNA Personal Note Recorder by LaPazz is perfect for the kind of secretary who’s constantly being called into her boss’s office to jot down instructions that fly from his or c-note mouth at the speed of light.

We are working mothers, we are childless; some of us are married, others single; we’re city-dwellers and dnote commuters, of widely varying ages. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from.


Excellent condition includes manual and 8 re-recordable mini discs. Debunking the Myths Surprising Recession Trend: What we have in common is our profession and a desire to keep it together and live the most fulfilling lives possible.

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Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity: The D-Note is so light and comes with a sleek carrying casethat you’ll want to take it home with you every night for jotting down oapazz of chores, grocery lists, etc. Sony digital video camera recorder.

I wrote it down right here, just like you told me. The D-Note is a super featherweight tablet with a pad of real lined paper attached. As if we weren’t busy enough! Here a cheap product is way more useful than an expensive one since you can take it more places. Record up to 50 hours of your And best of all, if you’ve got a boss who’s always contradicting what he or she told you, you can E-MAIL them the very notes you took when they were spouting off!!!

It might be better to borrow one off someone to try it out, rather than buy something that will probably just end up kicking around your place as junk. This thread is closed to new comments. Ascendent X5S Never installed 7 28mm cameras, 1 large camera Digital video recorder.

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It comes with two real pens, one each in black and red ink. It appears to be a closed source program. Vintage Sharp Portable Stereo. It saves you the trouble of doing the “ha ha you’re wrong” dirty work face-to-face, too. Does anyone know if further development on VectorPen has been abandoned? Recent question along the same lines. So here’s another question: Since OSX runs on intel these days, and some people have it running on non-apple machines, and wacom is supported, you may have an angle that way.


I just want to sketch stuff and write equations. Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel. Never tried a Disc Player.

I wanted a way to save hand d-mote notes without taking up real world space. Once your notes have been loaded into the D-Note’s special software, you can do all kinds of nifty things to them, including changing the color of the background, inserting artwork or photographs in the background, adding shapes, underlining, etc.

This is an Olympus WSM digital audio recorder.