This means that, like ambulance and EMT journeys, companies like Curtin Livery are providing a service that is in high demand and greatly affects the quality of life of many individuals. If you or anyone you know is in need of a full service transportation company, do not hesitate to contact Curtin Livery today for more information on their services and vehicles. It is beneficial for the customers as well. No child should miss out on a suitable education because of the challenges they face in getting adequate transportation, and Curtin Livery is here to make sure that this frustration, at least, is taken care of. These techniques ensure that the local employment rates are supported.

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They even provide repair services to individuals with their own private wheelchair lifts and vehicles. This lkvery motivated Curtin Livery to include multiple buses and vans that are equipped with wheelchair lifts, as well as fully licensed, qualified, and trained drivers who can maintain and operate them.

Management understands family is first and are very flexible when emergencies arise.

After all, their history stretches back to If you or anyone you know is in need of a reputable transportation company, call Curtin Livery or visit their website for more information. After all, they are helping out a local business. You will always have 1 or 2 that want to start drama and bash the place, but I think if you were to ask all the employees, collectively they would come back happy being employed.

Every day, thousands of individuals use non-emergency medical transportation in order to handle chronic illnesses, disabilities, and minor health problems. Curtin Medical Livery Service and Kem Brunoowner, have been helping individuals with medical needs get the care and attention they have needed for more than twenty-five years.


The process starts with having each of the vehicles in their fleet go through state inspections performed by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation in order to make sure that all vehicles are in top shape even before a driver gets behind the wheel.

Within cities, traffic congestion and late transportation leaves riders with limited options for their daily commutes. The money is used for improving the local economy as well as the community. For the average person in the United States, transportation is already a hassle. Because of this, transportation companies typically spend years building a reputation and relationship with school districts, establishing themselves as trusted members of the community.

Curtin Livery | Better Business Bureau® Profile

curton This means taking specific steps to ensure safety and accommodate those with medical needs. Any money that is spent on the services offered by the company ends up remaining inside the area. However, in addition to daily school transportation, they also provide daily school transportation, and transportation to field trips and extracurricular activities for students with medical disabilities.

That is why a number of livwry vehicles in the Curtin Livery fleet come equipped with wheelchair lifts as well as drivers who are fully trained and qualified to operate and service them.

Curhin is no llvery against the fact that life is challenging for individuals with medical disabilities. They also provide medical transportation for adult clients as well. This site uses cookies. Reputation is everything for a transportation company, especially when it comes to the safety of their passengers, and it is something that takes time to cultivate and establish.


Our community is ready to answer. Was this review helpful? For more information, visit the Curtin Livery website today. This is why the drivers working for them show a fantastic knowledge of the surrounding areas.

Curtin Transportation Group

At the same time, they have ensured that they charge the right prices while offering the right amount of convenience to customers. After all, there are several transportation companies that the customers can choose from.

At the same time, they can count on the services of a sizable number of drivers. For those with their own private vehicles, the cost is quite expensive between gas, repairs, and ucrtin each month. The place where I picked up my vehicle for the day was close to home.

How are such individuals supposed to get the care that they need in order to live healthy and happy lives? Relaxed but well run autoshop.

Every day, millions of parents send their children off to school on the iconic yellow school buses of our country. Over the years, they have developed a robust fleet of a variety of vehicles. One of the biggest challenges that children and adults alike with medical disabilities face is transportation.

I learned that in this job you need to be professional and polite no matter how you are feeling.